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hiddle-whore asked:

Imagine Bucky going on a trip with Steve, Natasha and Sam and being unable to go through the airport's security because of his metal arm


lbr, if they went on a trip, as in like a real ~vacation~ trip, anthony edward stark wouldn’t let them get within fifty miles of a public airline

"hundreds of people have sat in those airplane seats, hundreds of people, and i bet they never properly disinfect them!!”

"what do you mean you have a layover in phoenix, who the fuck has a layover in phoenix when they’re going to russia??”

"i spent all of last night and most of yesterday going over the specs for the plane you’re supposed to be taking and i calculated a 43.72% chance that it’ll malfunction sO the obvious solution is that you take one of my private planes ah yes i’m so glad we had this talk here are the keys have a safe trip!!"

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